Letters from prison considered evidence for 'being a member of an illegal organization'

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  • 11:33 14 August 2019
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DIYARBAKIR - The court decided to arrest Mehmet Emin Akgül and his 4-month pregnant wife Rabia Akgül, who were detained in the house raid on 9 August in Bağlar district, and the letters sent by Rabia Akgül's brother Civan Boltan coming from prison was considered as concrete evidence for "membership in the organization".
In a raid to a house in Diyarbakır, Bağlar on August 9, home owner Mehmet Emin Akgün and his 4 months pregnant wife was taken into custody with Rabia Gözlügöl who was a guest at the house at that time. The 3 people whose file had a confidentiality order, was kept under custody for 5 days and was arrested yesterday by the Diyarbakır 1st  criminal court of peace with the accusation of 'being a member of  an illegal organization' and 'aiding and abetting an organization' and was sent to prison. 
The prosecution office considered the letters coming from Civan Boltan, Rabia Akgün's brother as concrete evidence and demanded their arrest. The three people who were referred to court, was arrested with the accusation of 'being a member of  an illegal organization' and 'aiding and abetting an organization' and was sent to prison.  

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