Cizre, the files of civilian deaths are closed one by one: the statute of limitations on Eşref Erdin's case

ŞIRNAK - A permament search warrant was issued for 59-year-old Eşref Erdin, who was shot on the roof of his house during the first long-term curfew in Cizre. His dead body had remained with his relatives for 2 days. Erdin's case is left to wait the statute of limitation.
In Cizre district of Şırnak, most of the investigations concerning the deaths during the first curfew between 4 and 12 September 2015 were closed by either "Non-prosecution" or "Permanent Search Order".
Permanent search order was issued for Cemile Çağırga (10), Meryem Süne (53), Selman Ağar (9), Bünyamin İrci (14) and Mehmet Erdoğan (75), whose dead body was kept in the refrigerator for days and lastly 59 year old Eşref Erdin who was shot and killed by the state forces.
The witness statements in the file contain remarkable details. According to the testimony of one of the witnesses, after calling 155, Erdin was allowed to be taken to the hospital with a private vehicle, but they were taken under fire after the vehicle departed. Another witness gave a statement,saying: "The car returned a little while after they left. I saw they were shooting at the vehicle and I saw the bullet dents on the vehicle after the incident. I noticed the damage in various parts of the car. After that we went back in the house.We kept my uncle waiting at home. He was losing blood. My uncle passed away the same night. His dead body stayed with us for two days inside the house." 
The prosecution, which completed its investigation a while ago, gave a "Permanent Search Decision" about this file, just like many other files, and left it to the statute of limitations. The decision of the prosecution was as follows: "Despite all the investigation done, the clear identification of the perpetrator, or the perpetrators could not be identified".The prosecutor's office determined the statuted of limitation to be 25 years. 
The prosecution also asked the District Police Department to give positive or negative information about the incident every 6 months.

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