Torture to the prisoners who don't perform prayer in Elazığ Prison


ELAZIĞ - According to the information obtained, the prisoners beng kept in solitary confinement in Elazığ No 1 Type T Closed Prison are being tortored because they do not perform prayers.

Elazığ No 1 High Security Closed Prison that has a reputation of torture and ill-treatment is back on the agenda. According to the claims, prisoners who ended their hunger strikes on May 26 with the call of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan are being battered and tortured after calling off their action.  
Ferit Bademkıran was taken under costody in August 13, 2015 by the special forces is in Elazığ No 1 High Security Prison since the summer of 2017. 
Bademkıran who is being kept in solitary confinement for 5 months , was on hunger strike for 88 days demanding the end of the continued isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan. According to the information recieved, the oppression on prisoners staying in solitary confinement have increased after the hunger strikes were called off.
Bademkıran's family who visited him last week, said prayer rugs were left in the cells of the prisoners, and those who did not perform prayers were battered, insulted and tortured.
Father Bademkıran who called on to the society for awareness about the torture and ill treatment in the prisons, will apply to Human's Rights Association for legal support.
Elazığ No 1 High Security Prison Administration which we called to confirm the allegations, did not answer our calls.

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