War budget confession from AKP: An ammunition is 5 million dollars

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  • 13:12 6 December 2022
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ANKARA - Opposing the "war budget" determinations, AKP MP Chairperson Nurettin Canikli said: "A lot of money is spent for security. The cost of one ammunition is 5 million dollars.”
The Peoples' Democratic Party's (HDP) determination of the "War budget" regarding the budget prepared by the government was admitted by the AKP members during the 2023 Central Government Budget Law Proposal negotiations at the General Assembly of the Parliament. This determination, which was opposed by the spokespersons of the government who took the floor in the budget negotiations, came out with a confession statement from AKP MP Chairperson Nurettin Canikli.
Defending the budget over security expenditures, Canikli said: “They also make security expenditures, friends. It is not talked about much, it is not on the agenda much, but we spend a lot of money to defend these lands. Turkey has to keep troops in 3 countries to ensure its territorial integrity and huge sums of money are spent on security. Intelligent ammunition fired from F-16s costs from 400 thousand dollars to 1.2 million dollars. The cost of one of the penetrating bombs that we developed locally is 1.2 million dollars. The cost of ammunition, which is frequently fired from FIRTINA howitzers and fired from multi-barreled rocket launchers, is 5 million dollars. Thousands are thrown away in the slightest operation; in other words, all these developments are being achieved, all these expenditures are being made, and 200 billion energy subsidies are being made”.
Responding to Canikli, HDP MP Kemal Peköz said: “We do not say for nothing that war impoverishes society. When we say that 'War is the cause of poverty', the crisis of Turkey displays the situation."

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