Journalist Emer: KDP is helping the invasion of their own lands

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  • 11:24 30 September 2022
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ISTANBUL - Evaluating the military operations carried out by Turkey in the Iraqi Federated Kurdistan Region, Journalist Ayhan Seîd Emer said that the KDP helped the "invasion" of its own lands and that it gathered the public's condemnation.
The attacks carried out by Turkey in partnership with the KDP in the Zap, Metina and Avaşîn regions of Iraqi Federated Kurdistan since April 17 continue. In addition to undertaking the tasks of building roads, positions and towers, the KDP also carried out concrete military attacks, such as ambushing 5 HPG members in the Tarava village of Xelîfan, near Geliyê Balisan, on September 5. Journalist Ayhan Seîd Emer, who closely follows the war zone, evaluated the KDP's cooperation and possible results.
Emer pointed out that the attacks were for invasion purposes and war crimes were committed, and said that the Ottoman Empire aimed to be resurrected by relying on the borders of Turkey's National Pact.
Evaluating the KDP's approach as supporting the invasion, Emer said:"This is a very bad situation. Together with your enemies, you are helping to occupy your own lands. It is not moral to do this under the pretext of the PKK because Turkey is committing war crimes. Even if the PKK is not there, Turkey will come and attack again."
Stating that the war is against the Kurdish people, Emer said: “Turkey plunders the ecology of Kurdistan, cuts down trees, applies genocidal against living things, uses banned chemical weapons. This is doing a great harm to the nature of Kurdistan. Currently, 40 percent of Duhok province is occupied by the Turkish state.”  
Sharing the information that approximately 1 million 200 thousand trees have been cut down in the region so far, Emer said: “These trees are sold to Turkish companies. A 45-kilometer-deep road has been built on the territory of Southern Kurdistan, and also the territory of Southern Kurdistan has been invaded for 200 kilometers."
Emer continued his words as follows: “Unfortunately, Turkey's alliance, security and intelligence relations are strong with both the central Iraqi administration and the regional administration. This is a bad situation because these are taking place in accordance with an agreement made in 1982 between the Iraqi Saddam administration and the Turkish state. However, later on, the Iraqi government unilaterally terminated this agreement. According to that agreement, it was foreseen that both countries would cross their borders by only 10 kilometers. However, this is not what Turkey is doing. It has violated Iraqi borders and established military bases in an area of approximately 200 kilometers.”
Referring to the KDP's relationship with the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), Emer said:"MIT Director Hakan Fidan's relations with the Iraqi government arouse concern. It is unacceptable for peshmerga commanders to sit with the MIT.
Noting that they applied to the Iraqi government to document Turkey's crimes before the United Nations (UN) and the international community, Emer said: "We asked the Bagdad government to document these crimes, but they did not document these crimes and did not take any stand."
Reminding Turkey's attack on tourists in Zaxo's Perex village, Emer said: “The Turkish state is also cutting off the waters of the Tigris River. This is an attack on water resources. In addition, this is itself a violation of international law. However, both the Iraqi Central Government and the Kurdish Regional Government remain silent against the attacks of the Turkish state. Undoubtedly, even in this, the KDP has a bad role. Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said at the UN that this was unacceptable, but in the end they accepted it. They said it was wrong, but they said it just to appear in the media. It was just a pretend attitude. We did not actually see any response or attitude.”
Emphasizing that the people of the region are aware that the attacks are directed against them, Emer said: “Kurdish culture is invaded in the Southern media. Currently, all these culture, art and television programs are broadcast on the government channels. Turkish TV series and movies are advertised on these channels. Therefore, these channels make propaganda of Turkish culture, music, movies and TV series. Apart from the Southern Kurdistan lands, they have also invaded the cultural and artistic fields. In addition, the economy of the region is in the hands of Turkish companies.”
Adding that there were many intellectuals, writers, journalists and activists who took a stand against this war and tried to respond, but that they were also tried to be suppressed, Emer said: “Instead of standing against the Turkish state, against the invasion, the KDP is standing in front of its people. It arrests journalists, political activists, writers and artists. Moreover, most of these segments, namely intellectuals, artists and activists, are now in prisons. Or they have gone abroad because of the danger of death. The people of Southern Kurdistan stand against the KDP, but the KDP uses all its might to fill those who  condemn into dungeons and prisons."
Reminding that the people are against the war, Emer said: “77 percent of the people are not with or against them. The people of Southern Kurdistan are not with the KDP on this issue. The reason for this is the invasion partnership. In addition, in the last elections, they abused the votes of the people and were involved in match-fixing; however, despite this, 77 percent of the people did not vote for the PDK and PUK because the people of Southern Kurdistan do not accept this approach of the KDP."

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