Kidnapped Orhan was walked around the cemeteries, his nude photos were taken


İZMİR - Filmmaker Suphi Orhan, who was abducted by unknown persons, stated that those who abducted him were not police officers, and told that he was tortured, walked around in cemeteries and had his naked photos taken.


Filmmaker Suphi Orhan was abducted near Gaziemir district, where he returned after dropping a musician friend off at Annan Menderes Airport at 08:30 am on June 30th. Orhan, who was kidnapped by unidentified people who introduced themselves as intelligence officers, was taken to various cemeteries until night hours, subjected to torture and ill-treatment, and his phone was confiscated. Orhan was left at the Akçaköy crossroads in the Menderes district at 00:51 at night.


Upon not being able to hear from Orhan, his family applied to the İzmir Provincial and District Police Department regarding whether there was any detention process. The police had informed the family that Orhan was not in custody.


Reaching his family after he was released, Orhan demanded that he was kidnapped and tortured and that attorneys should meet with him. Orhan later applied to the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV) with his attorneys. Orhan, who received a report of assault from the hospital, will apply to the Human Rights Association (İHD) İzmir Branch with a request for legal assistance today and will make a statement about what he went through here. Orhan will also file a criminal complaint against the people who kidnapped him and tortured him.




Suphi Orhan told the Mesopotamia Agency (MA) about what he went through. Orhan said that he and his musician friend, whose plane took off at 09.25 on June 30, went to İzmir Menderes Airport at the Gaziemir district. Stating that he left his friend at around 08.30 and came back to the District, Orhan said: "When I came to the District Garage, I sat under a shade tree to make a phone call. Here, 3 unidentified people came to me and reported that they were police officers. They said that there was a report about me and asked for ID. After the ID check, they took me. I said that it was illegal for them to take me this way, I didn't want to go. They forced me into the car. They said that they know what they are doing. They started torturing me as they put me in the car. They asked me like 'Why did you come here? "You will tell what you know and you will leave this city." While these questions were being asked in the vehicle, they were also swearing and physically torturing me. Then they took me to a cemetery. They threw me into a corner in the cemetery and made me wait here. They offered spying by saying, 'You will save both yourself and your family’. I did not accept this either and reminded them that what they did was legal and illegal.”




Orhan said: “They tied my hands behind me. They took me to walk around various cemeteries and taken to mountain tops and again asked me, 'If you want, we can bring you whatever position you want in politics. As long as you do what we want,' It continued in this way until 19.00 in the evening. After dark, they took me out of the vehicle at the top of a mountain. Holding my hands and feet, they forcibly took off my underwear and took 3 pictures of me. In order not to leave fingerprints, they constantly wiped my trousers and their hands with wet wipes.”




 Orhan said, "After doing all this, they said that I have to leave this city in 3 days. Otherwise, they will take me every day and torture me like this and then they threw me on the side of a road. it was past 00.55. I went on the road that was close. On this road, it was written Akçaköy road junction. I couldn't find a car or taxi stand here either. I walked until 03.00 and called a taxi rank. I found the taxi stand by asking the passing vehicles. So I reached out to my attorneys by calling my family.”




Orhan said: “ The kidnappers introduced him as a policeman and then they denied it. They said that they are not police, they are legal and above the law, they only work for the state, they can open any door. The state tries to bring 1990s years back. In the 1990s, people were kidnapped, tortured, insulted, and thrown by the roadside after being photographed and blackmailed. It refers to the latest level of illegal work in Turkey. It explains the situation in the country where those who do this have taken courage somewhere, have no worries, and feel not to be held accountable before the law."




Expressing that he will fight against torture, Orhan said, "This is not a personal issue of mine, it is a social event. It happened to me today, it could be someone else tomorrow. My only wish is for the public to be sensitive and condemn them. If the public does not give the necessary reaction, these kidnappings will increase." 


MA / Semra Turan - Delal Akyüz

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