MED TUHAD-FED calls for awareness for violations of rights in prisons

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  • 15:38 14 October 2021
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DİYARBAKIR - Stating that prisoners are ripped away from their families by prison administrations' violations of rights, MED TUHAD-FED said, "Remaining silent about these violations is to be a partner in this crime" and invited everyone to be a voice in prisons.

Federation of Law and Solidarity Associations for Families of Prisoners and Convicts (MED TUHAD-FED) made a written statement regarding the violations of rights in prisons. In the statement, it was stated that with the State of Emergency (OHAL), which started on July 20, 2016 and was lifted on July 18, 2018, many unlawful practices began to be implemented in prisons, and said, "The following pandemic has been seen as an opportunity, and prisons have been completely transformed into isolation areas."
In the statement, which reads that with the new policies implemented in prisons, the practice of punishment within the prison was kept alive in the most severe way, “It should be noted that the main target is freedom of thought, which has come to light with the recent practices. The fact that there are hundreds of applications to our institution, the frequency of applications and the similarity is an indication that the existing applications are not isolated incidents. It was stated that the whole society should be the voice for the ongoing systematic violations of rights" was underlined.
In the statement, it was pointed out that remaining silent in the face of the reality that violations continue to increase day by day means being an accomplice in the violations of rights.
Reminding that the detainees from Kırıkkale Type F Prison were transferred to different prisons on October 3 and 4, the statement said, “In this context, there were exiles from Kırıkkale prison to many prisons, especially Tekirdağ, Kandıra, Kırıklar, Silivri, Sincan and Antalya. First of all, it was stated that these transfers were carried out in the form of a raid and that the detainees and convicts could not even take their clothes. The detainees and convicts who were exiled like this were still unable to meet their most basic needs in the new prisons they went to. It has been revealed by both the applications made to us and the interviews of the lawyers that every right is restricted in prisons. At this stage, it is seen that the exile policies that have been experienced in the last period continue to increase. It can be seen from the example of Kırıkkale Prison, where all kinds of exile policies are actively operated on the grounds of 'security', while there are no optional transfers to other prisons on the grounds of the pandemic. It is clearly seen that the exile policy implemented in this context and the disciplinary punishments that continue as a result of this are aimed to be completely cut the prisoner off from the outside.
In the statement, it was stated that these practices in prison are against international law and are unlawful within domestic law, continues as follows, "The main target of what is happening in all prisons, especially in Kırıkkale Prison, is to severe the bonds of the prisoners and their families, to isolate them from the society, and the violations of rights that develop accordingly are unlawful. As a result of the exiles, the prisoners who could not even get their belongings, were subjected to strip search, disregarding human dignity and pandemic rules, and the prisoners who did not accept this attitude were beaten."
It was also stated that changing the wards of the prisoners were made on the grounds of a circular allegedly sent from the Ministry of Justice, especially in Urfa and Tarsus prisons, and it was emphasized that the detainees who were in isolation were placed under deeper isolation. The statement continues, “However, it should be noted that the circular was not implemented on a legal basis. Wards were raided and prisoners were subjected to brutal violence. Punishment within punishment should end. All urgent problems, especially transfer of prisoners, torture, strip search must end immediately. We invite everyone to be aware of the problems experienced in prisons.

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