HDP Municipality passed 50% women quota for its staff

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  • 13:40 4 July 2019
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DİYARBAKIR - The Municipality of Hazro, run by the HDP, has decided to apply a 50 percent quota for women among its administrative and technical personnel.

The Municipality of Hazro has taken an important decision on the recruitment of personnel at their Council meeting in July. Accordingly, 50 percent of municipal staff will be women to achieve equal representation.
The co-mayor of Hazro, Gulistan Ekti, said that women living in the region suffered from many problems due to the conflict in the region.
Ekti said: "When we started working in Hazro, our first target was to improve women's living spaces. After discussing the 50 percent women's quota among us for the technical and administrative personnel who will be working in the municipality we brought the issue to the council."
Ekti stated that they have recruited personnel in accordance with this decision since they took possession of the municipality and added: “As of Wednesday the decision has been passed by the Council. We consider the 50 percent quota for women an achievement in terms of the principles of our party, the HDP."
Co-mayor Ahmet Cevik said the decision is in line with the awareness withing the HDP municipalities.