Leila Xalid: Long live Palastine, Long live Kurdistan


ANKARA - Representatives of political parties attending the HDP 4th Grand Congress from the international area called on the government to "respect human rights", "release political prisoners" and to "knock on Imrali doors, start negotiations".

Participants from the international area made short speeches at the HDP 4th Grand Congress. On behalf of the European Socialist Party and the Swedish Social Democrat Party, which appeared as the first of the bench, Kadir Kasırga said: "We greet you, how hard it is to make politics in this geography, paying prices with your highest values. Today, we greet Mr. Demirtaş and Ms. Yüksekdağ, who are held hostage behind bars a thousands of times. We would like to point out that we will follow the cases of Demirtaş and Yüksekdağ."
Kasırga said: "This geography has seen a lot of blood. It saw massacres. Here, we call those in the palace and those in Ankara to knock on İmralı's doors and start peace negotiations."
AKPM United Europe Left Group President Tiny Kox: ""I feel so at home in this meeting. You are a great inspiration for me and my friends who are struggling on the European left. Your struggle is well known and greatly valued by those who are with us. Your struggle is our struggle.We know the value of international solidarity as well. I know you will never take a step back no matter how strong the pressure is on you and we will convey this message to our comrades when we return. Your former Co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ are is prison today instead of being here with us. I salut them. And I am calling on to the Turkish authorities, release all political prisoners, now!"
Kox continued: "I am calling on to Erdoğan and the Turkish authorities. If you want to become an EU member, that has a price. If you want to become a member, fulfill your responsibilities. Mr. President, I don't know if you hear me but listen to your citizens, civil society, unions, political parties. Solve your problems in democratic ways and fully establish the right of every citizen. As the European Left, we will continue to remain in solidarity with you. Long live international solidarity, your struggle is our struggle."
Lorena Lopez de Lacalle, President of the European Freedom Alliance (EFA), said: “I am the president of the European Freedom Party. I am here representing 46 parties from 19 European countries. We are a party that struggles for people to determine their own future. I brought greetings from Corsica from Galicia. I brought greetings from Basque. My first words will be to da women of this party, especially those in prison. I greet your courage in these difficult times. I greet you for being both women and political activists. We salut your determination and resistance in the person of our friend Leyla Güven.
FHKC Politburo Member Leyla Halid took the floor with applause. Halid said: “This is the second time I address you from this stand.  I am having the most exciting moment I have ever seen in my life. Our peoples have embraced your party, our peoples are taking your party up. It is a big issue to be together as the base and the management. I broguht you the greetings of the Palastinian people whose lands are occupied by zionism and USA occupation forces. I brought greetings from Ahmet Saadet to Demirtaş and Kışanak. I brought greetings from Halide Cerrar, a member of the Palestinian People's Liberation Front (FHKC) who is being held in Israeli dungeons to Öcalan in İmralı. Together, we are fighting against zionism, imperialism and bigotry. US President Trump, who is the world's policeman, has presented a new project for Palestinians. You know very well how they still occupy our land. In fact, this is the project for the liquidation of the Palestinian cause. We call out to Trump and Netanyahu from here. This project will never be implemented, we will not allow it. Together, we face the terrorism of international states. What is the Turkish army doing in Syria? Our children are dying. I am addressing you with your name. The people of Syria will be successful against Erdoğan! Long live Palastine, long live Kurdistan!"
Mamdouh Habeshi, Egyptian Socialist People's Alliance Party Foreign Relations Specialist said: "It makes me so happy to be able to see this after the past popular movements that we celebrated in Egypt. You know very well what these dictatorships reflect. They come as reflections of the imperialist system. As HDP, you have chosen to fight this imperialism. Godspeed!"