HDP components: We have a responsibility to expand the political and organizational field


ANKARA - ESP and SYKP co-chairs, which are the component parties of HDP that will hold its grand congress on Sunday, emphasized the responsibility of expanding the political and organizational field to "take the government down."

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) will hold its 4th Great Ordinary Congress in Ankara Arena on February 23. Turkey's only multi-component party HDP's congress aims to sign under important decisions as well as determining the new administration.

Canan Yüce, Co-Chair of the Socialist Re-Foundation Party (SYKP) and Özlem Gümüştaş, Co-Chair of the Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP), which are both among HDP components,spoke about the pre-congress process.


Indicating that the democracy alliance determined by HDP on the way to the congress means the social salvation and the construction of the Third Front against the current power and the status quo in the monist mentality, Gümüştaş said, “The role of the HDP is to expand this mission to a more societal direction, to spread it to the central and local channels of politics."

Gümüştaş, who thinks that the party's call for democracy alliance, which was announced for a long while,have not yet fully come into existence, stated that the fragmented structure of the struggle of the left, the socialist structures and the anti-fascist resistance movements still continues.


Gümüştaş underlined that HDP components have a great responsibility such as expanding the political and organizational field in the current process and she noted, “All other  left and socialist forces that are not included in HDP as components should take side with HDP not only as a form of solidarity, but as a requirement and measure of anti-fascist stance and struggle."

Referring to the criticisms against HDP such as "not producing sufficient politics regarding the Kurdish question" and "not being a Turkey party"  Gümüştaş said, "This debate must be overcome. What makes HDP the center of the freedom struggle is the strategic union of Kurdish freedom movement and revolutionary forces around a certain program. This unity of political forces in Turkey is capable of presenting solution not only to the Kurdish question, but also to the basic problems of the people of Turkey regarding the democracy, labor, faith and justice."


SYKP Co-Chair Canan Yüce stated that HDP has been seen as a threat by the ruling system since the June 7 elections. Yüce said, “The established order has decided to defend the ruling system and to maintain the established status quo everyway that they can considering the possibility of HDP being a real option for the people The political expression of this reveals itself in the AKP-MHP-Ergenekon alliance. The AKP-MHP-Ergenekon alliance will not feel safe as long as it does not completely crush HDP and its most dynamic element, that is the the Kurdish movement as it sees them as the threat against itself and the established order."

Emphasizing that despite all the attacks and repression policies HDP continues to stand tall, Yüce thinks that the basic agenda of the 4th Grand Ordinary Congress is to save Turkey from AKP-MHP fascist block and to direct the country to the direction of democracy.

MA/ Berivan Altan