'We are standing where our losts have fallen'

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  • 14:56 10 October 2018
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ANKARA- The ones who were lost in the October 10 Massacre were commemorated in front of Ankara train station where the exploitation happened. Co-chair of 10 Ekim-Der Mehtap Sakinci Coşkun said: " Let's shout out the rallying cries of peace in its third year, we are standing where our losts have fallen."
The ones who were lost in the October 10 Massacre were commemorated in front of Ankara train station . While all the roads leading to the explotion site was barricaded by the police, the entrances and exits were closed to traffic. While the station square was filled with riot police and water cannons and armed vehicle, the police commissioner said that they will only let the 3 close relatives of the losts that they have listed in their hands. With the interference of the lawyers and the persistence of the families, they had to open the barricade and let everyone in. They searched the people and confiscated objects like charge cords, power banks, lighters or pens.
The people reacted this by saying "Where were you the day we got slaughtered?"
The police used pepper sprey while there were scuffles on the way to the station square. The scuffle ended with the initiative of plaliamentarians from HDP and CHP while people help those were effected by the pepper spray.
While the people came to commemoration left their belongings and enter the square, journalists were stopped to check if they have the press card given by prime minisrty and those who doesn't have were delayed. After the second check point the families and the people started walking until they reach the massacre site ,with the pictures of their losts in their hands chanting " Murderer state will pay for it" and "Murderer ISIS coconspirator AKP will answer". While there were 3 barricades ,women brought down the third and kept walking.
While all the hard work to stop or delay the commemoration, it started at 10.04. HDP co-chair Sezai Temelli and HDP Parliamentarians, CHP parliamentarians, KESK, DİSK, TTB and TMMOB chairpersons and many non- governmental organisations attended.After the one minute silent, Arzu Çerkezoğlu made a speach in the name of the institutions that organised the October 10 meeting in the first place. Çerkezoğlu, stating that their pain will not ease before the ones who conducted polls and calculated their votes' rise brought to account said : " Before all that opened the way for the killers, hid the possibility of attack, ordered the riot police to use pepper spray on the wounded, the ones that did not take the neccesarry precautions are brought to justice, our struggle will continue.We will keep our anger alive until all the responsible parties of the massacre stands trial. We will bring them to account."
Çerkezoğlu stated; " We are no where near end in this trial if the one's saying "coctail organisation" is still in their chairs after the verdict is that ISIS had done it. We promise to never stand down, never give up until the real killers are brought to justice. We will not forgive, we will not forget."
October 10 Peace and Solidarity Association Co-chair Mehtap Sakinci Coşkun begin to speak and said : "This is the first time after the massacre that we managed to be here at 10.04 sharp. This was only possible on the 36th month with solidarity and patience that we had following this case. We are here as people met a disaster to say something. Let's shout out peace on the massacre's third year for them. Those who have fallen that day, were here to do the same, to shout out peace and today ,after 3 years we are here to verbalize their wish for peace. I see honour filled with pain in this conjuncture we live through where people who says freedom becomes prisoners, the people who says peace pays it with their lives. We will never back down from demanding peace. Its true that we have excruciating pain, but we did have big duty too. Here , that day, was burst at the seams and i know you all can feel the smell in the air. We are standing where our lost loved ones have fallen. We will achieve an extremely difficult goal and just like we never gave up the struggle for justice, we will never back down from saying we are here. We will not achieve our goals unless we are out in the strees, making everybody hear our voice. We are here to say something and we will keep on fighting."
After the statement ,carnations were layed on the cardboard monument made after the massacre. It was hard to watch the families, the children who lost their fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, touching the pictures in the monument. After placing the carnations under the monument, the commemoration ended.