Amed City Theater have opened its curtain with Tartuffe

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  • 11:31 29 September 2018
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DİYARBAKIR- Amed City Theater have staged its first play in the season with the French writer Jean Baptise Poquell’s - who’ve been translated in Kurdish- play, Tartuffe.

The stage actors and actresses of Diyarbakır City Theater have founded Amed City Theater after the Diyarbakır metropolitan municipality trustee have closed down their theater. Theater have opened the new season with Tartuffe, the French writer Jean Baptiste Poquelin’s (Moliere) play that were adapted into Kurdish.
The story of the play directed by Rüknettin Gün is: “ A rich family man, Orgon, invites a stranger, Tartuffe in his home. Tartuffe, who the play is named after, is a pious person but a hypocrite nevertheless. Orgon’s family realizes that, but Orgon doesn’t believe that. One day, Orgon overhears what Tartuffe says to his family and kicks him out. Tartuffe plans a revenge.”
The plat Tarfuffe will be staged in Amed City Theater on October 5,6,19,20 and 26.