Diyarbakır trustee refutes themselves

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  • 13:49 16 February 2020
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DİYARBAKIR- Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality (DBB) announced a statement denying our news entitled "Fine auction from the Diyarbakır trustee: 324 thousand TL work has been aucted for 1 million 210 thousand TL" and the statement refutes itself by the own documents of the municipality.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality made a statement denying our news titled "Fine auction from the Diyarbakır trustee: 324 thousand TL work has been aucted for 1 million 210 thousand TL" The articles in the municipality's statement is refuted again by the very statements and documents prepared by the municipality in the past.
“It is claimed that 1,210,000 TL is paid in this false news, which is unrealistic and produced at the desk. The technical studies requiring the design and features in question have been started and the works are ongoing. As there has ben any payment made yet, the amount which will be computed after the necesarry work is done, will be paid only after." It is seen that DBB has signed a contract with MİRO Ad Software Consultancy Organization Car Rental Industry Trade Limidet Company, excluding VAT, on January 7, 2020 and signed a contract amounted 1,210,000 TL. The work of four places has been completed so far. The municipality, which ignores the obligation to pay the price of each signed contract, claims that it has not made any payment so far.
Municipality says that: "An imaginary figure and a lie were applied, such as, 'The total fee for the number of lighted letter signs in the advertisement applied in the 6 points of the city corresponds to 324 thousand TL'. This figure, which is not clear which calculation and data is based, is a way of producing false news and perception, and our legal rights are reserved in this regard. And in such businesses considering art and design, no cost can be calculated as in this piece of news." 
However, the various advertising companies making business throughout the city, including the company who win the tender, record that for each lighted letter signs for advertisement are produced for 6 TL and each letter costs at maximum 750 TL, including the manufacture and placement costs of the letters.

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