8 thousand years of history under mine threat

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  • 10:06 23 January 2020
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AYDIN ​​- The mines established in the Beşparmak Mountains known as "Latmos" in antique ages are threatening the history of 8 thousand years. EKODOSD President Bahattin Sürücü said: ""There should not be mining trucks, but tour buses carrying eco-tourists in these mountains."

The rock paintings in the region extending from Bağarcık village of Koçarlı District in Beşparmak Mountains, known as Latmos in ancient times spreading to Aydın and Muğla, are under the threat of mines. Dynamite eruptions destroyed many prehistoric rock paintings under the rocks.
Kuşadası Ecosystem Protection and Nature Lovers Association (EKODOSD), which is in the attempts to protect the historical rock paintings, applied to the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks on September 8, 2015 to make the mountain a National Park. However, despite the passing time, the application has not yet been answered. EKODOSD has also collected 40,000 signatures for the closure of the mines that have caused destruction, and applied to 5 institutions including Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Mİnistry of Agriculture, so far all applications remain unanswered.
Stating that the dynamites detonated in the mines are the biggest enemies of the historical heritage, President of EKODOSD Bahattin Sürücü said: "There should not be mining trucks, but tour buses carrying eco-tourists in these mountains." Sürücü pointing out that the mines are not only threatening the natural landscape but also destroying the rock paintings, said the mining caused the rock paintings dissappear.
Sürücü said: "Even in the frame drawn in the vicinity, there are now about 8 mines. Areas that are not registered by the Cultural Heritage Conservation Board are under complete threat, and new mine can be opened there at any time. Because the institutions that can only register places where cultural assets exist. So if there is no cultural presence in the mountain, nothing can be done. But if there is a National Park here, both the historical structures and the nature can be saved from the mines."
MA / Esra Solin Dal

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