Decision announced in Şule Çet case

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  • 14:47 4 December 2019
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ANKARA - The court has announced its ruling in the lawsuit filed into the suspicious death of Şule Çet. Aksu has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and to 12 years, 6 months in prison and Akand to 18 years, 9 months in prison.

The sixth hearing of the lawsuit filed into the suspicious death of Şule Çet was held at the Ankara 31st Heavy Penal Court today (December 4).
Announcing its ruling, the court board has ruled that arrested defendant Çağatay Aksu shall be sentenced to life imprisonment on charge of "murder" and to 12 years, 6 months in prison and Berk Akand, the other arrested defendant, shall be sentenced to 18 years, 9 months in prison.
Umut Yıldırım, the attorney of Çet family, has indicated that they have welcomed the verdict, but they will appeal against the good conduct time given to defendant Aksu, whose "aggaravated life imprisonment" has been reduced to "life imprisonment" due to "his good behavior at court."
University student Şule Çet suspiciously lost her life after falling off the 20th floor of a high-rise building in Ankara on May 29, 2018. Defendants Çağatay Aksu and Berk Akand have been facing aggravated life sentence on charges of "murder", "sexual assault" and "false imprisonment".
Pronouncing his opinion as to the accusations in the previous hearing, the Public Prosecutor demanded that Aksu be sentenced to life imprisonment for "willful killing" and up to 39 years in prison on charges of "sexual assault" and "deprivation of liberty" and Akand be sentenced to up to 31 years in prison for aiding Aksu in committing these offenses.
The sixth and final hearing of the case held today was attended by the arrested defendants and their attorneys, the family of Şule Çet and their attorneys and several women's rights defenders.
Gathering in front of the courthouse before the hearing, Ankara Women's Platform, Women's Assemblies and representatives from several other women's rights organizations opened banners that read "Not male justice, but real justice" and "Justice for Şule Çet."
Şule Çet's father İsmail Çet and her brother Şenol Çet informed the court board that they filed a complaint against the defendants.
Making his last defense, defendant Aksu stated, "As it is my last defense, I would like you to listen to me without interrupting. While we were asked for information about the case, we were accused of rape and murder. Afterwards, this incident was reported in various media outlets. 45 days later, we were arrested due to public pressure and social media pressure. We presented our reports, but I am still facing the charges of rape and killing."
Aksu denied the charges brought against him and continued as follows:
"If I had harmed Şule, wouldn't have there been marks on her body? Did I throw Şule with my cut-off finger? Didn't Şule resist in any way? Believe me, I have no idea why I have been put on trial. I am having a nervous breakdown. If someone put a gun on my head, I will still not rape anyone. I did not touch Şule. If so, I would leave country.
"We said that from the very beginning. We are talking about rape, the most despicable thing of the world. I am accused of such things that cannot be possible. If there is something in the evidence, then, hang me. How on earth can I face life sentence for rape? If there is a lie detector, then, please attach me to it. For god's sake, we have come to the verdict, but I and my family have had enough of it. Judgement rests with you. If necessary, I request you watch our videos again, read our letters with Berk again. I did not tell a single lie. After her family, there is no one who feels so sorry for Şule's death."
After Çağatay Aksu made his last defense, Berk Aksu, the other arrested defendants, took the floor to make his last statement and said:
"I was asked why I washed a glass or why I took out the garbage. It was because it was a shared area. Even Berk does not know that there is a door. The office is not only used by us anyway. Could you put glasses with scotch in the kitchen on a Ramadan Day?"
When asked about his last words, Akand answered, "I aided only you and the prosecutor's office. I did not aid Çağatay. I did not even help myself."
After these statements, the prosecutor said, "Judgement rests with the court to decide whether the arrest of defendants will continue or not."
Announcing its verdict, the court has ruled that arrested defendant Çağatay Aksu shall be sentenced to life imprisonment on charge of "murder" and to 12 years, 6 months in prison and Berk Akand, the other arrested defendant, shall be sentenced to 18 years, 9 months in prison.
The aggravated life sentence of Aksu has been reduced to life sentence by the court on the ground of "his good conduct at court." The verdict has been given by a majority of votes.
Umut Yıldırım, the attorney of Çet family, has indicated that they have welcomed the verdict, but they will take it to the court of appeal due to the good conduct time. 

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