Attorney of Şenyaşar family: Minister, Governor, District Governor were all there

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  • 11:37 4 December 2019
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URFA - Şenyaşar families attorney Hidayet Hikmet stating that the hospital part of the armed attack organized by the relatives and guards of AKP's İbrahim Halil Yıldız is wanted to be left in the dark, reminded that the Minister of Agriculture, Urfa Governor and Suruç District Governor was in hospital at the time of the incident.

Hacı Esvet Şenyaşar, his sons Adil and Celal Şenyaşar and AKP's  Yıldız's elder brother Mehmet Şah Yıldız lost their lives during the armed attacks of the guards and relatives of the AKP's İbrahim Halil Yıldız during the June 24, 2018 general election period in Suruç district of Urfa.
Fadıl Şenyaşar, who was injured during the events and was taken to hospital, was taken into custody in the hospital while he was being treated and brought to Urfa Courthouse and then was arrested in scope of the investigation regarding the incident. Fadıl Şenyaşar was the only detainee in the last 1 and a half years while Enver Yıldız, brother of İbrahim Halil Yıldız showed up with 50 people with him at the prosecutor's office and surrendered on September 17, 2019. On the other hand, while the prosecutor changed 3 times until now, the file did not turn into a criminal case yet.
Şenyaşar family lawyer Hidayet Enmek evaluated the day of the massacre, what went on in Suruç State Hospital, the attitudes of the health personnel, property supervisors and security forces during the attack and the confidentiality decision and the developments in the file published by the Ministry of Interior.
Stating that the only person involved in this incident to be incarcerated was his client and questioning how come Enver Yıldız who had a warrant about him could not be caught in the 15 months before he surrendered, Enmek said: "No one is innocent in this case. Provincial superintendent, district superintendent, chief physician, health workers, hospital staff, security personnel, law enforcement officers and doctors obliged to protect their patients all witnessed this massacre. I would like to call the public here to identify the perpetrators. We want everyone who witnesses this incident to come to identify the people they see who have committed this massacre without hesitation. They can contact us. They can hide their names at any time. We will share them with the prosecution and ask them to help identify the real perpetrators."

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