Sister of student whose 59-year sentence was upheld: The decision is irrational and unlawful

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  • 13:05 10 September 2019
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DERSİM - Sevinç Korkmaz, sister of university student Baran Barış Korkmaz whose 59 years of prison sentence was upheld by the court, stated that the sentence is irrational and unlawful and called on to the society to stand against this unlawfulness 

The 59-year sentence given to Baran Barış Korkmaz, a university student arrested in Dersim's Pertek district, was upheld by the Erzurum Court of Appeal. Korkmaz, who was arrested as a result of the conspiricy of the Gülen Congregation's police, has been kept in Elazığ No 1 High Security Prison for 3 years even though all the evidence about him was disproved, is now sentenced to 59 years.
27 year old Baran Barış Korkmaz who was a senior student at the International Relations Department of Aydın Adnan Menderes University, came to Dersim, Pertek to visit his family. Police raided the house next to them, which was vacant at the time, following his arrival. Barış Baran Korkmaz was taken under custody due to an 'anonymous tip' that the camp cylinder at the back yard of the raided house was going to be used for bomb making. Korkmaz immediately got incarcerated with the accusation of 'being a member to an illegal organization'. The Intelligence catain of Elazığ and the police chief in Pertek Security Directorate that got Korkmaz arrested are now under arrest in scope of 'Gülen Congregation investigation'.
Sister Korkmaz who stated that the sentence is unlawful and irrational, said: "The trial process is not over yet. We have the Supreme Court in front of us. The decision of the Supreme Court also frightens us. A negative answer from the supreme court means that we have exhausted internal authorities. Things may change as the reactions become lush. ”

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