Switzerland wants to extradite two Kurdish families back to South Africa

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  • 15:04 12 October 2018
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ZÜRİH- Switzerland has overruled asylum request of 2 Kurdish families that arrived at the Zurich Airport via South Africa. The families that are going to be sent back to South Africa which is known to extradite many people back to Turkey, are seeking help.

The two families that have search warrants about them went to North Federal Kurdistan District, then crossed to South Africa and finally arrived at Zurich Airport has been staying in the airport for a month now. The families are going to be extradited to South Africa.
Edibe Doğan stating that they went to Federal Kurdistan District for political reason but could not stay there due to the oppression of KDP and Turkish Intelligence, then moved on to South Africa with fake ID's have been kept in Zurich Airport with her child since one month.
Doğan, stating that they are being sent back to South Africa because their asylum requests wasn't put into process, " For Switzerland, South Africa is safe for refugees. They will send us there. There are people exradited to Turkey from there. We might as well end up like that too.I will be put in a prison for years in Turkey with my 12 year old daughter and i fear for my life."
Families reported that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) took action based on the ID'S Kıyat and Doğan families came to Switzerland with, and not based on their personal statements.

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