My son's scream while he was being tortured is still in my ears

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  • 12:54 12 October 2018
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İSTANBUL- Saturday mother Sabriye Maltu who says the screams of her son while being tortured is still in her ears is waiting for the day for her to go to Galatasaray square she consubstantiated with her son who was forcefully disappeared at age 17.
70 year old Sabriye Maltu who heard her sons screams while they were torturing him but could not stop them, met with Saturday mothers 20 years later. Mother Maltu, who shares her suffering with the saturday mothers ,that she has been going through alone for 20 years, is being brought to Galatasaray square by her daughter.
Mother Maltu who can not come to Galatasaray square for some time now because her daughter got sick and can't bring her there, says her heart beats with them.
Mehmet Şirin Maltu who was born to be the youngest of his siblings in a village called Zediya in Batman, was brought to the village square where he'd be tortured until 4 o'clock in the morning by the soldiars raided their home on January 31, 1995.His screams could be heard from every house in the village. His family who were locked in the bathroom of their house could not do anything. After hours of torture, the voices stopped. The soldiars who took Maltu, brought him back to the village square with a sack over his head in the morning.They tortured him again asking him to point them in a direction and Maltu kept saying that he didn't know. When he was so weary from torture that he could not stand up, they brought him back.
Mother Maltu, who lost her husband while she was pregnant with Mehmet Şirin Maltu, went to the gendarmerie station to ask for her son. Everytime seh went there, she had the answer that her son is not under custody.When the family applied to the prosecution's office, she learned that in order to apply she had to produce 2 witnesses, but noone testified. The whole village witnessed the torture and no one testified. Everyone was afraid of the oppression. Maltu, got tortured in front of the whole village, and was taken away by the torturer soldiers.
Mother Maltu, scoured the outskirts of the village, searched the hole terrain with the thought that perhaps the soldiers have let him somewhere. To this day, she was not able to find her son. Even though 23 years have passed, no one knows where Mehmet Şirin is, and maybe his killers are strolling amongst us.
Mother Maltu who moved to Istanbul from Batman in 2007 , said she met with the Saturday mothers after long years. She says "I was sleepless with joy on Friday nights, I thought maybe ı could find my son in Galatasaray Square. And when I came back from the square, it felt like I left him there. I went to the sit in every week until last year. Then my daughter had a surgery and noone could bring me there. I can not attend anymore but I always follow what happens there."
Mother Maltu who reacts the square being banned says ; " Everyone sitting in that square are looking for their child. They just demand their child's bones. They want their killers to hold accountable. Why are they doing this to us?" and she reexpresses that she can hardly wait for the day she goes back to the Galatasaray Square.

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