Journalist Kibriye Evren got arrested

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  • 11:51 12 October 2018
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DİYARBAKIR- While 12 people out of 25 that were referred to the court in the scope of the operation in Diyarbakır were released, 12 got arrested including journalist Kibriye Evren. Kibriye Evren is a reporter from JinNews which makes women oriented news.
Journalist Kibriye Evren who spoke to her lawyers said the special operations police came raiding their home busting through the doors and getting everyone on the ground, added: " They get us lay on the ground, insulted us, hit us in the head with rifle butts, we were imposed to strip search, they messed up the house. We were brought to police station while they were insulting us perpetually. We were subjected to psychological torture while at the police station."
The health checks of the journalists and politicians were done in the Diyarbakır Police Headquarters. Complaints of the journalists and politicians were ignored.
The other journalists and politicians are expected to be brought to court in groups today.

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