External dept expanses: Hard days approaching for the unemployed and the craftsmen

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  • 13:12 11 October 2018
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ANKARA- Economist Nilgün Erdem who draws attention to the external dept of 240 billion dolars that triggers the ecenomic crisis said the external debt may not be able to be payed due to resource pressure.
Turkey's external dept of 457 billion dolars which is due June 2018 triggers the economical crisis. While 130 billion of the debt belongs to public sector, 327 billion dolars of it belongs to private sector. The inflation reaching %25,capitol loss of TL, high interests and recession with the debt of 180 billions due in 2 months is triggering the economical crisis.
Economist Associate Professor Nilgün Erdem who was exported from Ankara University Faculty of Political Science with a law decree drew attention to the debt due in 2 months and said :" Turkey is in immidiate need of 240 billion dolars of external source. This amount presents a significant danger to Turkey's economy."
Erdem invoking the fact that external debt's being a large amount, the need for foreign currency increases, also mentioned that there is a significant regression in external sources that could finance the debt. Erdem said: " Unrecorded money entrance is continuing but it is up to the international markets if it is enough to cover the debt.In other words it is up to the Central Banks's policy in USA and Europe."
Erdem stating the austerity policy actually is for to pay the external debt added; " Regulations on domestic labour market unfortunately puts all the weigh to the working class and low income groups.
Erdem ended her words by saying in case of not being able to create external sources, Turkey will not be able to overcome the external debt.

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