DTK Co-chair Öztürk: Turkey is ruled with moblike methods

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  • 11:30 10 October 2018
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DİYARBAKIR- DTK co-Chair Berdan Öztürk stating AKP is ruling Turkey with moblike methods, said: " It is not possible to solve the Kurdish problem without negotiations. We will insist on democratic politics."

More than 100 people were taken under custody including journalists and politicians yesterday in scope of an operation based in Diyarbakır and conducted in 9 cities. Seven people from Democratic Society Congress (DTK) were taken under custody as well. The police broke the doors and the windows of the DTK building in Diclekent and confiscated some materials including the computers . DTK Co-chair Berdan Öztürk reacted the arrests and stated: " They rule this country with moblike methods. They are trying to rule this country with intimidation, blackmailing, police and soldiers. This is a typical burn-out syndrome situation."
Öztürk stating that these arrest operations are not new and has been going on for a long time said that they are trying to criminalize DTK with these operations. Öztürk emphasizing that there has been a relentless operation against DTK, HDP and TJA stated: AKP_MHP administration has a fascist tendency and they are trying to eleminate the Kurdish will with it. 
Öztürk addressing President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's word " We will appoint trustees even if they win" said: " This operation started after Erdoğan's threats The purpose was to annihilate the will. They have been trying very hard for this for 3 years. They were not able to accomplish it no matter the oppression and the intimidation. Actually, they are exhausted. Their will is shattered. We can clearly see that through their threats. The only language they use, is the language of intimidation. This is all they have to say.
Öztürk drawing attention to the local elections on March 2019, said: " The local elections are crucial for us. The will of our people is where it always been when you pay attention to the elections on November 1, June 7 and June 24 . Our people are determined and will continue resisting." Öztürk stating that police takes action every time Erdoğan makes a statement, said : Erdoğans every statement is perceived as an instruction. They carry out operations whenever Erdoğan targets someone. This is straight out intimidation . This is a message of "We will rule this country like this from now on". "
Öztürk emphasizing that HDP will go to the local elections no matter how much pressure they apply , said : " These operation doesn’t change the fact that HDP is going to the elections. We see this kind of pressure every election and our people reflects their will to the ballot box. This government can not rule this country. They rule this country with moblike methods. They are trying to rule this country with intimidation, blackmailing, police and soldiers. This is a typical burn-out syndrome situation."
Öztürk, stating that the Kurdish problem can be solved through dialog, added: " There is was going on for 40 years now. Even though the state uses everything they got, they did not get a result. Not only the Kurdish, but also the Turkish pays the price of this war mutually everyday. This war needs to end. And it can be ended via dialog. We will insist on that."

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